Revolutionising Skin Rejuvenation: The Power of Injectable Polynucleotide Gel


Experience the cutting-edge of skin rejuvenation with our injectable polynucleotide gel. This innovative treatment utilises tiny molecules known as polynucleotides, renowned for their ability to naturally stimulate skin repair and rejuvenation. This results in a significant improvement in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and overall skin quality in treated areas. This treatment doesn’t just rejuvenate – it regenerates in a way like no other.

Versatile Applications

This treatment is versatile, suitable for various facial areas including delicate under eye areas, cheek and smile lines, and scars. It’s equally effective on body parts like the neck and hands, enhancing skin quality significantly.

Complementary with Other Treatments

What sets this gel apart is its compatibility with other aesthetic treatments, like fillers. When used together, they synergize to enhance both the longevity and effectiveness of your aesthetic results.

How Polynucleotide Gel Works

The treatment involves micro-injections of polynucleotides, derived from Trout DNA, into the skin. This technique targets the deeper skin layers for maximum effect. The procedure, lasting about 30 minutes, may cause temporary side effects such as redness or swelling, which typically resolve within a few days so down time is minimal. Noticeable improvements appear within weeks and can last up to a year, varying by individual factors like skin type and age.

Regenerative Benefits

This antioxidant-rich treatment offers numerous benefits for all skin types:

  • Boosts collagen production , enhancing fibroblast activity (fibroblasts secrete collagen proteins that help maintain the structural framework of tissues).
  • Increases protein production.
  • Facilitates tissue repair.
  • Regenerates damaged and ageing tissues.
  • Improves hydration and elasticity.
  • Reduces skin crepiness.
Polynucleotide Gel

2 weeks after the third treatment

Polynucleotide Gel

2 weeks after the third treatment

Treatment Schedule

For optimal results, undergo one session every 14 or 21 days, completing 3 sessions in total.  A 4th treatment may be indicated if there are more advanced signs of ageing.

Specialised Eye Treatment

Revitalise your eyes with our polynucleotide injectable, specifically designed to address eye concerns. It effectively smoothens fine lines. Safe for all skin types, it’s an ideal solution for both rejuvenation for our established clients and preventative care in younger individuals.

Polynucleotide Gel

Two weeks after third treatment

Lip Rejuvenation with Polynucleotides

We can achieve remarkable improvements in lip aesthetics with polynucleotide treatment. It’s particularly effective when combined with subtle lip fillers. This approach addresses common ageing concerns like volume loss, fine lines, and changes in lip shape. A few sessions can significantly enhance lip fullness, elasticity, and overall appearance.

If you would like to explore whether this new revolutionary treatment could be something for you, please do get in touch with us to explore this further.