Hyperhidrosis treatment

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition where individuals suffer from excessive sweating and can be an embarrassing problem. The Hyperhidrosis treatment we offer is Botox® injections into the underarm significantly reduces the amount of sweating. The effects last 6 months on average.

How common is this?

It has been estimated by the NHS that there are between one and three in every 100 people which means there are likely to be hundreds of thousands of people living with it in the UK.

It can start at any age and often comes with puberty. Although it’s not clear why it develops, it’s thought to be the result of a problem with part of the nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system, and it’s possible genes may also play a role. The three main parts it tends to affect are the underarms, feet and hands.

The condition hits all age groups and many suffer in silence, taking several changes of clothing with them wherever they go.