Lip enhancement for men

It is a well known fact that as we age our lips lose their volume and our top lips elongate

manA recent study into ideals of male attractiveness found differences between what men and women desire: women actually prefer a softer jawline, slimmer face and fuller lips in men, whilst men tend towards a traditional masculine look.

The key to any treatment given at our clinic in Taunton, is balance and thorough consultation before any treatment is undertaken.

Thinning and elongated upper lips can lead to a mouth that turns down and makes you look unhappy when you are not. In this case small changes can make all the difference without looking drastically different.

With all treatment given we plan to achieve a natural, more youthful look for our clients. A look that says you are looking ‘good’, not a look that says you have been ‘having treatment’!

If you would like to meet with Dr Ed to find out what can be done to bring back your ‘best you’ please contact us for a consultation.