Botox for men

From 2010 – 2015 there has been an 84% increase in men having treatment with Botox

In the UK we are now finding that men now make up a larger proportion of our patients than ever before.

Most come in looking for rejuvenation and wish to look slightly younger and fresher so Botox injections are ideal to help them with this wish.

Is there a difference between Botox for men and Botox for women?

Men react very differently to certain treatments, often needing more injections to achieve the desired results. This is purely a physiological difference between the genders; men’s quicker metabolisms tend to break down the product more quickly. They also have larger skulls, greater muscle mass and higher density of blood vessels and this all has an impact on treatment.

At our Taunton clinic we are very aware of the different needs of our male patients and will advise you accordingly.

Many of our male patients already know what they want to achieve and have spent some time researching treatments before contacting us; most want something subtle that will be noticed as a fresher look but not as ‘someone who has had treatment’ so that is what we deliver!

Botox before




What other conditions can Botox® help with?

  • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) – This is a medical condition where individuals suffer from excessive sweating and can be an embarrassing problem. Botox® injections into the underarm significantly reduces the amount of sweating. The effects last 6 months on average.
  • Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) – Bruxism is the unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth.
  • Migraines – Migraines affect about 15% of the population. Symptoms include a throbbing headache and are often associated with nausea, vomiting and a dislike of light. There are a number of medical treatments available to treat and prevent them.

We use Botox®to treat all the conditions above in my Taunton clinic in Somerset.