Our testimonials

We are lucky enough to get a lot of testimonials – we have included a few of them here.

Dear Dr. Ed,
Thank you for putting pen to paper with your latest blog, couldn’t agree with you more on all the points you have made. Self¬†interest, profit margins, lack of professional conduct and lack of medical training made me very reluctant to seek out Botox treatment.

I’m very grateful that you sent me away the first time I came to you, as you were not convinced it was what I wanted. After my second visit, you were assured I was confident proceeding with the treatment and you as my cosmetic physician.

After nearly five years, I am still unwavering in my confidence in you, to do the best for me.

Thank you for writing this.

A grateful patient.

I am so impressed. Dr Ed was able to put me at ease and after a thorough consultation offered the treatment I was seeking with wonderful results

I look and feel better about myself

Very happy with full service. Everything explained clearly and treatment turned out just as I wanted. Will return for future procedures.

Dr Ed was very professional and I felt at ease throughout the whole treatment. I’m thrilled with the results, thank you!

Although, I was initially nervous, Dr Ed put me at ease and the results are fabulous

Very speedy response and excellent customer service at consultation

When I read about Latisse on Somerset Cosmetic’s facebook page, I went along and spoke to Dr Ed. The results are amazing. I am thrilled with my lovely long lashes.

I had a Nefertiti Lift – what a difference! Jowls and sagging chin gone! Thank you Dr Ed.

When I first met Dr Ed I told him I was frightened that I wouldn’t look ‘normal’ after treatment. He reassured me and I have to say, whilst people can see I am looking really ‘good for my age’, they never guess why!