Worn out by too much festivity?

We look forward to it every year, the sparkle of Christmas, the excitement of buying the perfect gift (until we try), meeting up with old friends and catching up with family; we look forward to some ‘downtime’ from work…


So, here we are in the first part of January and if you are like most of us, the 12 days of Christmas have flown and the glitter of Christmas has faded alongside the appetite for yet another chocolate, mince pie or Turkey curry!

The late night and over indulgence is clearly showing on your face and waistline and you’re longing to be around family has rescinded into ‘can I have 5 minutes peace please?”. If you are one of the lucky ones not to feel this, then please stop reading – you don’t need this and we are all very envious of your resilience – if however, you are recognising the sentiments above ….

It is time for ‘ME TIME’!

This time every year we remind you to treat yourself to some pamper time; time to get back on track and ready for the rest of the year.

Worn out woman

January is known as the gloomiest month of the year. Not only is it the coldest, it is often the longest to pay day (having been given your salary at least a week early in December), many of us wait 6 weeks to be paid again. The cultural messages around Christmas to be happy, to party, to make the most of it and generally excess over everything can leave you drained and out of balance; the changes we make to our lives during the festive period are not to be underestimated.

According to Prof. Ed Watson, Director of the University of Exeter’s Mood Disorder Centre:

“Depressive mood is often exacerbated by the perception of a gap between how someone wants things to be and how they actually are. These actual/ideal discrepancies are highlighted at this time of year.

“Some people can also negatively compare how they are now with what they used to be able to do or what they hoped they would achieve by now and this can lower their mood”.

I am sure we all recognise elements of those feelings after a Christmas break!

Whilst depression is a very serious condition and should be taken seriously, with appropriate medical help, many of us simply get a bit overloaded this time of year and need a bit of a lift; we need to feel a bit more in control.

The weather doesn’t help either. The winter lighting in January is often muted and grey sapping the vibrancy from our skin tones. The harsh winter light can emphasise wrinkles and shadows and the air conditioned buildings we live and work in dry our skins.

Whilst we can’t change what nature throws at us, we can help to rejuvenate tired skin, help redress festive seasonal laughter lines (or frown lines!). We can work with you so you don’t spend all your time wishing you were younger and give you the’ best version of you – you can be now’. Usually that is what most of our clients want; they don’t want to look massively younger- they want to look fresher and have people ask ‘how do you look so good?’

Treatments such as:


Profhilo with its gentle rejuvenating properties refresh you


Botox is great for ridding you of crow’s feet and unwanted wrinkles

Volite picture

Volite is known to bring luminosity and glow back.

Dermal Fillers

The old favourite Dermal filler is popular for a reason; it is quick and an immediate cure to banishing deep lines around your mouth, nose and lips.

There are so many ways we can help!


And, did you know that research tells us that if you can’t frown or look really miserable that your mood is immediately lifted? Science has proven that if facial expressions linked with negative emotions are inhibited it is harder to feel miserable and for this reason Botox is now being used to treat some people with depression.

If you feel you need a ‘lift’ right now – give us a call and ask for our no-obligation,  consultation to see what will help you this year… beat the January blues with a bit of Me Time!

Dr Ed

Dr Ed

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