What do men and women look at first?


In 2014, Women’s Health magazine carried out a survey of 200 female respondents to ask them what they first noticed when they met a man. It is no surprise to hear what they look at first, the eyes followed by the smile and then the teeth. (Gentlemen – no mention of Abs got a look in!)

Around about the same time Cosmopolitan Magazine posed the same question to a male audience; once again the smile came out top with eyes coming in close behind the sound of laughter and an assessment of the ladies sense of humour! Whilst we can do little to help with your wit, we can lend a helping hand to make the most of what mother nature gave you!

Having a great sense of humour comes with its own health warning for your skin. Smiles alongside frowns cause wrinkles!

One of the first signs of ageing appear around the mouth and eyes from as young as 25-30 years old.  These fine laughter lines begin to tell the story of our life on our faces.

Research has shown that we make judgements about the person we are looking at as to how they live their lives, how old they might be and what their characters are like. We do this automatically using our naturally catalogued reference of a lifetime of faces we have already seen. So, if you are one of the unlucky people who genetically have a mouth that goes down in the corner as you get older (and most of us do), you will possibly be judged as being unhappy or sad, when all that has actually happened is that your top lip has elongated. Your lips may have lost some of their plumpness, so the overall appearance is of someone who looks a little tired and fed up.

Eyes that are crinkly can sometimes make you look much older than you are, as can a very thin face, when volume is lost along the cheek line and lips.

Vertical lines that appear around the mouth can also imply, usually incorrectly, that you have been a heavy smoker!

The good news is that you have a choice now. You can choose to hold back time with several procedures, including the Mona Lisa Smile Injection and 8 Point Facelift which can stop all these lines from forming at all. Today’s treatments are all about subtlety; we hold back the time with Botox and Dermal Fillers, and to a certain extent even reverse some of the damage that time does to our faces.

Mona Lisa Smile Injections

Mona LisaTo get a smile like the beautiful enigmatic Mona Lisa, there is a simple procedure we can do that lifts the corners of the mouth to give you back that happy youthful smile. This is done using small amounts of Dermal Filler, a synthetic version of  Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally forming substance in the body that reduces as you get older. The filler is injected into the corner of your mouth where it turns down, naturally plumping up the corner to reverse the down-turned look and your youthful , natural looking smile is restored.

Dermal fillers, alongside Botox can also address the vertical lines at the top of your lip and the laughter lines around your eyes.

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