Treatments for men

Aesthetic (cosmetic) medicine is no longer just the domain of women; more and more men of all ages and lifestyles are discovering the benefits.

When men first come to the clinic they usually don’t know what treatment they want; just the effect that they desire. Women have usually researched the various types of treatment, and although, after consultation we may suggest a different course of action, they already know more about the alternatives than their male counterparts. But men are catching up fast!

Many men arrive at our door because their wives, girlfriends or partner has had treatment, and they have been impressed with the results.

It’s far from unusual for men to use moisturiser, exfoliate and to worry about their looks. Strong jaws, well defined chiselled features, with a few, but not too many lines are the order of the day. The male face contours differently and extra care has to be given not to feminise it. We can’t use fillers in the same way to fight saggy skin – it’s a different ball game.

And so, at Somerset Cosmetic Clinic we have created a whole new approach tailored for men. We even have a special section on our website tailored specifically for them because what they want and need is very different to the treatment we offer for women.

Popular cosmetic treatments for men:

Botox –

Brotox as it has been labelled, is increasing at a rapid rate. If you are looking to appear fresher, rejuvenated but not ‘obviously treated’, then this is for you.

Facial Contouring –

You may want to accentuate areas of the chin, or jawline. We sometimes combine treatments to achieve the desired results

Dermal Fillers for Men –

This treatment can be used around the eyes or frown marks to reduce deep wrinkling. It is subtle but rejuvenating.

Lip Enhancement (filler) for men –

As we age, we naturally lose volume in our lips. Men’s lips are very different to a woman’s; the upper is generally thinner and as age elongates the top lip, this area can make you appear miserable as the lip turns down. Obviously we don’t want to feminise the lips but with a few small changes we can make a big difference without it looking too noticeable.

Hair loss treatment –

Let’s face it, hair loss ages us men! Propecia is a prescription we only give to men and should NOT be used by women or children. The drug takes between 3-6 months to take effect, and should you stop taking it, the balding progress will begin again.

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