They’re going back to school!

The summer holidays; something to look forward to – quality time, nice days out, holidays, a break from the normal routine…

But, after a summer of later nights, earlier mornings, days squinting in the sun, pursed lips from another ‘I’m hungry’ 20 minutes after breakfast and that frown that creeps across our foreheads at every ‘are we nearly there yet?’ or ‘I’m booooooored’, it is more than acceptable for Mums and Dads to crave a little ‘me time’.

So…after dedicating 6 weeks (or more) to the wants of your children, if you’re looking in the mirror at someone who vaguely resembles pre-summer you, it’s time to get the diary out and book in some ‘me time’!

It’s your time now… where shall we start?

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