There is no doubt that retinoid creams are popular, but do they work?


The answer is – yes – but are you using the right ones?

Retinoid creams can be used to reduce acne scarring, fine lines and stretch marks by encouraging exfoliation and skin growth. Tretinoin is the active ingredient in these creams, it’s brand name that you may have heard of is Retin-A. Retinoid creams really do work; they are the recognised best in this area, so why is your face cream not having such stunning results?

The answer is simple – Retinoid creams sold over the counter are a watered down version called Retinol, but they are a good place to start if you want to see how your skin reacts. The stronger Retin-A (Tretinoin) is only available by prescription.

One of the side-effects of these creams can be sensitivity to sun, so many over the counter products also come packed with SPF25 as a minimum. Because of this we always recommend you wear suncream no matter what time of year. If your skin can tolerate these creams they should only be used every other day to begin with, and only a pea-sized amount is needed for the entire face; more is not going to make any difference. If your skin cannot take these creams and you need treatment for fine lines we have many alternative treatments to offer that will help.

If your skin cannot tolerate these creams, and you have previously suffered from acne, and are left with scars, we can also recommend two other treatments depending on severity.

Volite is a skin conditioning treatment that volumises and addresses skin quality.

Dermapen stimulates the skin to produce more fibroblasts, collagen and elastin aiding the body to regrow and repair the skin.

If you would like any more information please look at the pages on our website or book a complimentary consultation to find out what your options are. We put no pressure on you and we can suggest treatments that can address whatever it is you wish to correct.

If deemed appropriate, we can provide private prescriptions for a Retinoid cream. The prescription costs £50.

For super strength hydration, you may consider WOW facemasks by Hyalual

We are now stocking these. WOW-SACHET

Key features:

• 4% Hyaluronic acid for super strength hydration

• Argirelin (also known as ‘Botox in a jar’) to smooth fine lines and wrinkles

• FDA approved

• Stimulates collagen, improves texture and tone of skin

• Soothes, hydrates and heals post treatment

A sophisticated peptide that inhibits muscle contraction to give you that much desired firming effect so your skin may return to its youthful self. It also reduces dynamic and deep wrinkles as well as prevents new ones from forming.


It is a natural alternative to injectables. All the active ingredients have been finely balanced to deliver the treatment quickly. WOW makes skin look as perfect as can be for 24 hours but the effects can be felt for up to 7 days. It’s perfect for busy women. Once the mask has settled, the wearer can get on with whatever it is they need to do.

One face mask – £25

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