The festive season is nearly upon us!

Look how carefully I avoided mentioning Christmas in the headline. Who can believe it is less than 10 weeks until Christmas Eve!

So, what have you planned? Work parties? Family Gatherings? Lots of great food and the occasional glass?

Whatever it is, I bet it involves you looking your best, and meeting people you only see once a year…sound familiar?

At Somerset Cosmetic Clinic we hear how much some of our clients love this time, we equally hear patients telling us the secret dreads they suffer as they fear being ‘judged’ on how well they have aged, or not, as the case may be. The annual comment of ‘you look well’ can be taken in so many ways!

If you are one of our patients who want to undergo some regular maintenance treatment, we would advise you to book now and don’t leave it too late to achieve your desired festive appearance – some treatments do have some downtime!

If you’re considering treatment for the first time and simply want to look rejuvenated and not ‘made over’ we would like to tell you about two great treatments that we offer at our clinic.

From long experience we know that patients attending for treatment do not want to look like a parody of themselves 10 years ago, they don’t want to be teenagers again; they simply want to look the very best that they can for their age. 
If you are one such person, who is tired of looking tired, who wants to turn their resting smile on again and just ‘look good for your age’ then we would like to introduce you to Volite and Profhilo.

Volite is a gentle, subtle treatment to bring luminosity and glow back to your skin. Volite (link) doesn’t just volumise and plump up injected areas, it addresses skin quality.

This treatment, more than any other, will bring back a healthy glow to the skin – and we all know that is anti-ageing. There is little or no downtime with Volite and very little bruising caused.

The second treatment that is a firm favourite is Profhilo. Profhilo is a complete revolution in the cosmetic treatment world – it stimulates the natural tissue and encourages collagen regrowth effectively jump-starting the body’s own rejuvenation process. The treatment effects are gradual and long lasting and address a wider area than traditional fillers or Botox. 2 treatments, 1 month apart, the effects of the treatment are subtle; definitely one for those that want to ‘grow into their old looks’.


If you would like anymore information on these two very popular treatments that rejuvenate and refresh please do get in touch to arrange a consultation. But as we said earlier in this blog, if it is wanted to get you into ‘the best you can be’ for Christmas – book now!

Dr Ed

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