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This year has been like no other and I wanted to share a few thoughts and observations with you, my patients.

Due to the events that none of us could have foreseen, we now find face coverings as part of our daily lives. As a result, our eyes have become the most visible part of our features.
When I first returned to work in June, one of my patients said she was unable to see how I was feeling as she couldn’t see my face. I replied “our eyes are the window to our soul” and as such we can all read a lot into another by looking at their eyes.
The eyes are a very visible region that can convey a lot of emotion and right now they are very often the only thing you can see. They have never been more important!  Surely therefore this is an area where we can focus our treatments at this time?
I have included a few suggestions in this blog that may fire up your imagination – if all you can see is your eyes, now is a great opportunity to focus on them…


These are so visible and important as testament to the amount of time and money individuals spend on them. The desire is often for longer, darker and thicker lashes.
We can offer LATISSE
Latisse increases the growth phase of the eye lash itself. Nightly application for 3 months then alternate nights for maintenance will encourage growth and thickness.  Studies show that after 3 months lashes were 25% longer, 106% thicker and fuller and 18% darker!
We can organise a HOME DELIVERY

Botox Treatments

  • Glabellar AKA 11’s

  • Smile lines

  • With age the brow drops Botox can lift

All these areas are visible above the mask and can be easily treated.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can soften and PREVENT progression,

One such area above the mask level is the ‘Tear Trough’. This is an area that can make us look tired and worn out. We can help with this.

Our ‘At Home’ Range

home treatments

We have a fantastic selection of Obagi products that I have decided to stock to help you with maintaining and nourishing your skin during this time. Delivered straight to your door means that you don’t even have to leave your home to pick them up.

Some of the products are prescription only as they are stronger than you can buy over the counter in order to do the job well! Please do contact me to go through your options.

Products such as Elastiderm Eye cream have a proven track record of success with:

  • 97% of patients considered the roughness/crepey texture of the skin around their eyes to be barely or not noticeable within 8 weeks.

So I hope we can see just how important the eyes are, now more than ever. With the above treatments we can enhance the appearance of our eyes safely and effectively, making the most of this area of our face when for the most part- it is all you can see!

Dr Ed

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