Spring is officially here!

This week the clocks changed and the days have started to feel longer and (hopefully) warmer!

It is the time we start to think about emerging from our winter hibernation and start looking forward to days without layer after layer of bulky clothing; hats and scarves banished back into the cupboard for another year!

So, how has your skin fared during the winter months?

The fresh winds we have experienced this year do nothing for the complexion, nor does the biting cold of those frosty mornings, so in this Spring blog we are looking at what we can do to help refresh your face for the coming season.

Skin rejuvenation techniques are becoming more and more refined and I wanted to share with you the latest techniques that are really looking at how the face responds in a different light.

MD CodesMD CodesMD Codes

MD Codes segment the face looking very carefully at specific regions and how they react together and the treatments that will give the best outcomes. For instance, those listed around the upper face look at delaying the aging process using preventative treatments such as Botox injections alongside restorative solutions such as dermal fillers. Together they freshen up your appearance.

Mid and lower numbers indicate areas where you can recreate the triangle of youth – remember that? This is the shape considered to represent the most youthful look. The jaw is tight, the cheeks plump and the mouth upturned at the sides. Using skin boosters and dermal fillers help recreate this appearance subtly and soften the effects of aging in these areas creating a more feminine and youthful appearance. The addition of Botox injections help to prevent reoccurrence.

Lips before
Lips before
Lips after
Lips after


Finally today we can’t finish without talking about the treatment which is fast becoming one of the most popular – Lip enhancement. We are not talking about oversized trout lips – but gentle and subtle enhancement that plumps up lips giving you a fuller and flattering feature. Lips are very much ‘in’ at the moment and if you want to know more about this please read our Luscious Lips page.

Whatever you need after you winter experience why not take the opportunity of our complimentary consultation to talk to me and explore your options for a brighter, fresher you this Spring?

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