Whether the weeks of the kids being home from school have flown by or taken their time – it’s pretty fair to say that our little darlings take centre stage for the duration.

Days on the beach, late nights, endless chauffeuring and bribing with the latest games on their tablets followed by copious amounts of ‘are WE nearly there yet?’ can take its toll and leave us craving some well-deserved ‘me time’.

If you are feeling a little worn from 6+ weeks of being on the back burner – it’s time for some ‘you time’!

Regulars will know that we have a huge range of treatments ready to go to war on the ravages of time.  We are experts at subtlety, understanding that rejuvenation doesn’t mean ‘plastic looking’ or false looking.   We have many treatments for problem areas and love working with our patients to bring back some of that freshness that we all lose thanks to time.

We also have treatments that you can do at home to help keep you that way. Our home treatment options are carefully selected to meet 6 very important criteria:


  1.  complement the treatments given at the clinic
  2.  independently treat common complaints effectively
  3.  are safe in pregnancy (apart from Dermaroller)
  4.  maintain and stimulate collagen production
  5.  do not promise unrealistic outcomes, but are effective
  6.  have none, or very little downtime

So, Mums and Dads, you have earned a treat – now is your time!

Are YOU nearly there yet?

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