Rising confidence in Botox?

A recent study in medical Journals showed a massive rise in the number of people using Botox in the last 16 years. The figure has risen by 748% this demonstrates a rising confidence in Botox.

Not only that we are noticing a marked change in how Botox treatment is perceived; it is no longer something that people hide-they are proudly declaring it!

At Somerset cosmetic clinic we believe it is because we are so careful about the amount of treatment we recommend; our clients want to look rejuvenated, not false. They want to look more youthful, not much younger. They simply want to look good for their age or to stop the ravages of time, and the honest truth about Botox is that it can work preventatively and it can help deep set wrinkles, alongside dermal fillers to be a thing of the past.

Cosmetic treatment of this kind is finally losing its taboo as people realise the benefits- and its not only skin deep. A patient recently told me that she wanted to say thank-you for the treatment which she said had “changed her life!” She said: 

so many people have said how well I look and it has improved my confidence hugely! Thank you so much, I wish I had known about this years ago!

Dr Ed

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