1. Change something so much that it appears entirely new
  2. To bring into use again

This month we look at the word ‘reinvent’ and how that applies to the treatments we offer.

It is a very strong word to use in the context of cosmetic treatment as it implies that you can change something so much that it appears new.

Regular readers & patients of our clinic will know that subtlety is the byword of all of the treatments that we offer. We don’t go for extreme, but that doesn’t mean that some of the results we achieve are not amazing and transformative to those who have long disliked something about themselves, or whose lips have disappeared over the years, whose lines have become more and more apparent or whose complexion is just tired. For those people it can feel like they are reinventing themselves, bringing back a look and feel to their lives that they had lost or been losing.

So, which of our treatments will deliver on the reinvent front?

Let’s start with something simple! As we age we all lose volume in our lashes, the length shortens and they are often not as dark and defined as they were, but we have a solution….

Latisse Lashes!

This prescription only product has been fully proven in clinical trials to increase the lash length, the thickness of the last and deepen the colour of the hair.

Clinical Trials – 25% longer, 100% thicker, 18% darker.

Within 12 weeks many people achieve this


All this within your home as we teach you how to apply this and you are then in control! An easy reinvention to start you off with!

Luscious Lips!

Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with naturally plumped lips. Some of us may have lost the fullness through age or even smoking. With an emphasis on NATURAL, we can either help replace the lost collagen you once had, or give you beautiful fuller lips, that work for your face.

Volume Replacement Treatment!

This is another immediate effect treatment that will quickly and effectively bring about change. The treatment can last up to 12 months and can quickly address nose to mouth lines, corners of your mouth and frown lines. The areas that van make you look sadder than you are, so reinventing a happier, more care-free looking you.


Botox…of course!

Still the most popular treatment, Botox is a safe, non-surgical treatment which softens facial lines and wrinkles. Effects from the treatment are seen on day 3 and on average last 3-4 months. Treatment administered now will not leave you with the ‘paralysed’ face look of the past as, with all cosmetic treatment, if administered within the hands of medical practitioners, you will suffer few side-effects.

Woman forehead wrinkles before and after treatment

And finally, Skin care regime!

At our clinic in Taunton, we have some of the very best home care products available. Ones that are proven to help, and are prescription strength. These products cannot be bought over the counter, but can be sent straight to your home by the pharmacy. Have a quick look at our home treatments section on the website, or ask me, which would help you maintain any treatments you may have had. Patients reorder time and again and we can see the benefits these products have.

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