PROFHILO 3 months on

It has been 3 months since we started providing Profhilo as a treatment at Somerset Cosmetic Clinic and our patients couldn’t be happier with the results!

Dr Ed has has rarely been so impressed by a product!


ProfhiloWhat is PROFHILO?

Firstly, it is not just filler, and although fillers do an excellent job of revolumising, recontouring and reshaping the face, there is now a movement towards developing solutions that stimulate the natural tissue and encourage collagen regrowth. And this is what PROFHILO does, long after the original product has been degraded by the body.

PROFHILO certainly seems to have the effect of jump-starting the body’s own rejuvenation process.

NeoStrata Neck CreamSo now we have a new term for these products: bio-rejuvenators! It is in this camp that PROFHILO sits; it is not a volumising dermal filler but offers fantastic hydration and ALSO triggers collagen and elastin production.

Unlike fillers, the PROFILO flows and distributes itself, integrating with the tissue, rather than being placed by an injection. This means that there is also no need for local anaesthetics as the recipient feels so pain.

PROFHILO slowly evolves the patient’s own tissue, without creating immediate volumisation or augmentation and because of this action, the result is a better quality and more elastic dermis, which fills and volumises naturally. PROFHILO literally engages with the body’s receptors and causes collagen stimulation; a much more natural reaction.

What our patients think:

I have recently been seeing patients for their post treatment reviews after both treatments and I have rarely been so impressed by results.

All ages, whether the patient is 40 or 70 have had equally great results and I have had nothing but positive feedback from patients who feel their skin is looking fresher, more youthful and more hydrated. Collagen has been regenerated and their skin-tones are looking healthier.

ProfhiloPROFHILO is given over 2 months, with treatments one month apart. A further treatment can be performed 2 months after the second, should there be higher levels of ageing present.

The treatment cycle can then be performed twice a year for optimum results.

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