No New Year’s resolution this year!


Phew, you may think!

The pressure on us every year to rebuild our lives in some way implies that we are not happy with what we have…isn’t that really negative? Even couched in terms that are positive we are still saying we need to change, and we need to ‘resolve’ to do so… is it a wonder that most resolutions don’t last beyond the first month – inside, we probably don’t really want to change that drastically, we just suspect that we should!

Instead at Somerset Cosmetic Clinic, we are going to ask you to be kind to yourself, do a little of what makes you happy, when you feel like it – not because you feel you should, but because you want to – it’s your time and your choice.

We don’t want you to ‘resolve’ to get rid of your wrinkles; they are part of your life story. True, they may be an unwelcome part of the plot but do you want to get rid of them, or do you just want to soften them, slow them down a little? Is what you really want a more rejuvenated you, not a ‘frozen’ look?

At our clinic we focus on helping you to be the best you can be now, preferring subtlety over a false look. Overemphasis on any part of your face can take away from your natural look; the look that you have probably been OK with for years in reality – it’s preserving that look and keeping that look reflecting your inner self that we work with you on.

Most of our patients tell us that they don’t want to look drastically different, they just want to be the best they can be right now – usually that means softening the wrinkles, plumping up some slight sags a little or utilising the ever popular Profhilo to kick start natural collagen regrowth; you don’t need to make a resolution to treat yourself. If you want to preserve, soften or freshen your appearance, do it because you can – don’t do it because you think you must ‘resolve’ to…that road leads to disappointment.

Cosmetic treatments allow us to shift the clock back a little and if we do it right the reaction you get from your friends and family is ‘you look really well’  not “have you had treatment?”

If you would like to speak to us about any treatments or explore how to soften or plump areas of your face, please give us a call to arrange a complimentary consultation. Research undertaken a few years ago told us that on average it can take some women, and men, up to 12 years to decide to ask about treatment; you will not be alone in your prevarication. Treatment techniques have changed a great deal from those days where it was obvious that the celebrity in front of you has had one too many Botox injections! Subtlety is now the aim….

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