Luscious Lips

We have never had so many requests from people wanting to enhance their lips.

It seems as if there has just been a realisation of how easy it is to have beautiful lips – and age isn’t even coming in to it!

We have (mostly) ladies of all ages requesting fuller lips – not over the top – just nicely defined and very natural lips.

Some of this is fashion – we can’t deny it, but beauty has always been dictated by what is deemed attractive at the time whether it is fuller lips, smokey eyes, plumped up cheekbones or gel nails; when something isn’t permanent you can afford to try it!

The beauty of lip enhancements is that they can last for 9-12 months – so enough to be considered value for money, but not too long to out live a trend!

NB Dr Ed will to need have a full consultation with anyone considering this treatment to ensure their wishes are realistic.

Lips before fillerLips after fillerbefore treatmentafter treatment

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