‘She does look good for her age doesn’t she?’

The wedding day is fast approaching and it is not just the bride and groom that are nervous.  Both the mother of the Bride and Groom want to look their best and the pressure is on!

Once upon a time the spotlight was all on the beautiful bride but now mothers of all age are under pressure to turn on the glam and look their best and most youthful self; after all – you see the mother you know how the bride and groom are going to look as they get along in years…. And so it goes on.

At Somerset Cosmetic Clinic we have enquiries all the time from mothers of the happy couple; they are worried that they won’t look their best, want to know what can be done and if it will work for them. It is not vanity causing these enquiries; it is love. They want to look their very best for their children.

So, what can you do if you have the supporting role as Mother of the Bride or Groom?  How can you confidently face the camera and be ready for that all seeing lens? And let’s be honest a few selfies are bound to creep in – and who looks good in those?

There are many ways to gain a more youthful, glowing look without going under the knife and it is best to plan in advance to ensure you are ready in time and comfortable. Most people coming to us for treatment don’t want to morph into a teenage version of themselves, they are just looking to be the best they can at whatever age they are, and that is what we work to achieve.

No one wants to age really; we would all like to keep that glowing smooth skin we had when we were the bride and groom’s age but nature has its own view. Luckily for us, we have some very natural ways of slowing down the aging process and gently turning the clock back a little.

Using products such as dermal fillers made from a naturally occurring substance in the body we can plump up those drooping jawlines, rebuild the sculptured cheekbones and reduce deep wrinkle lines. With Botox, the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide, we can ease the wrinkles out of your skin and the deep frown marks that have been brought on by the worry of it all. Lips can be gently plumped so that lines that have suddenly appeared around your mouth for no good reason can be eliminated. There are lots of ways to bring back a rejuvenated, natural look that have people commenting  ‘she does look good for her age doesn’t she?’ and to bring back that confident woman who can smile genuinely into the lens of that camera and know she is the best she can be for the occasion.

Dr Ed Porter

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