Kissable Christmas Lips

Kissable Christmas LipsMake sure you have kissable Christmas lips!

If you feel you are losing definition in your lips and want them returned to their natural fullness, we can help. Our emphasis is on ‘NATURAL’. In Somerset Cosmetic Clinic we are always conscious that our patients do not want to go out of the door with trout lips!

Lip definition is lost when your collagen begins to break down as you get older; some people are also left with lines around their mouth after years of smoking, either way there is a very simple cure for this!



Dermal fillers have been used successfully for years to treat this area:


So, if you would like to speak to us about getting your lips Christmas kissable give us a call now!
Tel: 0800 028 6897 Mob: 07803 504707 or book a FREE no obligation consultation

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