How long have you been thinking about getting some treatment?

How long have you been thinking about getting some treatment?

Recent research has shown that many women can consider having treatment to help them age well for up to 10 years; if you fit this criteria – you are most definitely not alone!

I hear this daily.

When people pluck up the courage to make that phone call or walk in through our clinic door, we are always respectful of how long that decision may have taken to make.  Whilst some bounce along needing little information before they want to ‘get on with it’, it is our policy to ensure that all questions are answered, and if they are not asked – we answer them anyway! How can you know, what you do not know?

Over the years I have heard tell of people who have felt intimidated on first contact. They have felt that they were being rushed into a treatment, without time to think about what it may mean to them. These people are often left fretting that they will end up looking odd, not normal. They have then gone away and undertaken their own research online and become even more confused as a result. This is something you will not get when you contact Somerset Cosmetic Clinic. I am a very cautious practitioner.

Over the 11 years I have been practising, I have learnt that my patients don’t want to look 10 years younger; they want to ‘age well’.  They want to look natural and good on it, not like someone who has had treatment, but as someone who looks really well for their age. And that is what we aim to do for our patients.

You have probably noticed that I use the word ‘patient’ rather than ‘client’. This is because I am medically trained and a GP as well; I will always look to the greater good of a patient. Your well-being is intrinsic to our ethos.

There are now so many ways you can help yourself to age well and you can find out more information on our website about some of them. And if you want to come in for a chat to look at your options, don’t be afraid – don’t leave it 10 years. It is easier to prevent ageing than turn back the clock, and little changes can bring about amazing changes to the way you feel about yourself and the type of comments you may get about wearing well!

Dr Ed

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