Home treatments from Somerset Cosmetic Clinic.

I am often asked by clients about home products they can use to help maintain their looks and maximise the effects of treatment they have received.

We have always stocked a few products such as the Obagi range but we are now widening our selection with well researched products that I have been considering for the last year. The group of treatments I have come up with are safe and effective and the results are not “over cooked”!
My criteria for selecting these products are:

  1. They complement the treatments given at the clinic
  2. They independently treat common complaints effectively
  3. They are safe in pregnancy (apart from Dermaroller)
  4. They maintain and stimulate collagen production
  5. They do not promise unrealistic outcomes, but are effective
  6. No, or very little downtime

The products I have chosen are:

The Obagi RangeObagi-Face

This range has been well established by Dr Zein Obagi

  1. Obagi Hydrate moisturises the skin like no other product in my opinion.
  2. Pro C range stimulates collagen and softens fine lines
  3. Elastiderm to soften lines around the eyes
  4. SPF to protect from harmful UV Much prematurely ages the skin.

Neostrata Triple firming Neck creamNeoStrata Neck Cream

I am frequently asked about aging necks and this product:

  1. Lifts and firms sagging skin
  2. Plumps skin to rejuvenate jaw line contour
  3. Targets uneven pigmentation.

Genuine “Home” Dermaroller.derma-roller

This is collagen Induction treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Latisse EyelashesLatisseweb

Latisse is a prescription only product that has been clinically proven to increase eyelash length, thickness and depth of colour to give real definition to your eyes.

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless


  1. Under eye bags and crow’s feet
  2. And other facial fine lines

Aestheticare Cernor XO Cream / emulsion gel 10mlCernor eye gel

  1. Improves the look of dark circles

The transparency of the skin and the presence of damaged blood vessels are two of the main causes of dark circles. Genetic predisposition, ageing and sun damage greatly influence severity.

All these products can be used safely in your own home, have had extensive medical trials and genuinely do what they say they do.

You will be able to buy these products directly from the clinic.

For more information please contact us.

Dr Ed

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