Good Housekeeping on Volite

Good HouseKeeping on Volite

This week we saw a great article in Good HouseKeeping about our new treatment Volite and wanted to share it with you.


A new generation of injectables seems set to bring about change.

‘Skin quality is now considered to be the biggest concern among patients – greater than wrinkles and lines,’ explains the medical director of PHI Clinic Dr Tapan Patel.

‘There is no technical definition for this, so we often define skin in terms of tone and texture. Often people are happy with the way they look, but feel their skin is dull and want to improve it.’

Volite is the latest addition to Juvéderm’s line of injectable hyaluronic acids, and targets three factors considered to be the most important in skin quality – hydration, smoothness and elasticity.

‘We wanted to take the benefits of a hyaluronic acid, which we knew would directly improve all of those elements, but use Vycross technology, which is a new way of manufacturing injectables,’ says cosmetic doctor Jonquille Chantrey, who has been involved in the development of Volite.

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin and the body’s connective tissue. Capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water, it plays a crucial role in enabling the bouncy, dewy skin we all long for. Ordinarily, it is used in injectable form to fill lines and wrinkles or to add lost volume, but the hyaluronic acid used in Volite is thinner, so is not classified as a filler.

Instead, Dr Chantrey describes the procedure as being closer to a mesotherapy, with a crucial difference – instead of needing treatments once a week for a month, Volite requires only one or two 1ml syringes in one session, and the effects can last for six months or more. Moreover, as well as the face, Volite can be injected into the neck, décolletage and hands. It can also be used on the mouth, aiding hydration, and resulting in smoother and softer lips while making no difference to volume.

Patients who took part in the clinical study reported improved skin quality at one, four and six months, with 91% of participants saying that they were more satisfied with their skin afterwards.

‘We’re not going to roll it out to every medical injector,’ promises Dr Chantrey. ‘This will only be available for use by those who are highly trained, because it’s such a specific technique.’

Article taken from Good HouseKeeping Oct ’17

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