If you have a Facebook account, someone, somewhere will have recently posted a pic of themselves looking very old!

If you have been tempted to see what you may look like, you may also have downloaded the popular App called FaceApp.

This App uses AI to simulate how your face will change as you age, if you have a beard, change your hair style etc. It will also offer you an idea of how it thinks you looked when you were much younger – and it is not too far off the truth in a lot of cases I have seen, however, that doesn’t bode too well for the future given my aged version!

This App has been around since 2017 but has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent months as people get a sneak look into how AI is learning about the facial recognition features and how they are affected by age. Imagine using something like this to track down a missing person and what they could look like today? Forensically, this App, developed in Russia, is thought to be informing a huge database somewhere that will be able to do some very clever facial recognition in the future as the artificial intelligence grows.

Of course this App is also a bit of fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but imagine how much easier my job would be if my patients came into the clinic with an idea of how they were going to age, given their genetics, lifestyles etc. If they had that insight they could evaluate what it is they want to preserve and which bit of the ageing process is acceptable. Some people actually get more attractive as they age and the reality is that many of my patients are happy to look 5 years younger than their age, not wishing to replicate a teenage version of themselves at 50!

The treatments we offer at Somerset Cosmetic Clinic can’t hold back the passage of time but it can impact on how you age quite a lot. If, like me, you find the App fascinating, take a look at the Hollywood 2 Filter (free version) and look at the subtle but effective changes that demonstrates; the effect offers a sneak preview of a more rejuvenated you and whilst we can’t promise you Hollywood style looks we can help you revitalise!

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