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The BCAM (British College of aesthetic medicine) annual survey has once again demonstrated that experienced aesthetic doctors really are leading the way in ensuring safe treatments for their patients.

The survey, which looked at 225,000 individual treatment episodes, reported by 270 medically qualified aesthetic practitioners, measures the number of adverse events following treatments. To put this rather alarming phrase into context it covers everything from simple bruising to medical reactions, and it is really important that these are measured and shared cross the industry. Practices that have qualified aesthetic doctors, registered with BCAM share this good practice and their experiences, helping to safeguard patients and reporting and measuring prevalence of complications.

By far the most popular treatment we offer is Botox and the survey reports that of 106,000 annual treatments, 95% of respondents reported no adverse events at all.

Given the number of procedures undertaken, these problems are reassuringly low.

Dermal fillers, another firm favourite, have even less adverse events.

The number of problems reported halved this year and reflects the ever-growing experience of the medical practitioners in identifying areas where further training or education is needed.

Our field is still open to non-medical practitioners and it was interesting to see that the survey also revealed that 64% of BCAM doctors reported treating other practitioners Botox issues and 77% reported treating other practitioners’ dermal filler complications.

At Somerset Cosmetic Clinic we firmly believe in the importance of experience, proper medical training and quality standards. Dr Ed is amongst some of the most experienced aesthetic doctors in the country, having practice for 16 years. Patient safety has, and always will, be paramount.

If you have any questions about any of the procedures that we deliver through our clinic we will be more than happy to answer them. Our pre-treatment consultation is very thorough and covers any questions you may have.

As you can see from the results of the survey, side effects are rare but they can happen. By ensuring that you undergo treatment by a fully trained BCAM doctor, you reduce the risk considerably.

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