Christmas is coming!

2018/12/25 11:09:01

Now we are in November, we don’t feel so bad mentioning Christmas.

The countdown has started in so many ways!

Adverts are reminding us daily and supermarkets have started the clock running and the High Street seems to have suddenly got all glittery!

So with that in mind, what will your ‘rejuvenated you’ countdown look like? Here’s the timescale for treatments to be really effective BEFORE party week hits us….

Reducing laughter lines

…means you can laugh with confidence, knowing that ageing wrinkles 5 years youngeraren’t obvious. For this, we recommend the nation’s favourite – Botox. Botox can be felt instantly, but the effects take a little longer as the skin softens and the lines disappear. 3 days after treatment you will begin to notice a difference, but allow longer for your lines to melt away and if you are prone to bruising, for the bruises to subside.

Super long, natural eyelashes!

Latisse is a prescription only product and has been clinically proven tolashes increase eyelash length by 25%, thickness by 106%, darkens lashes by 18% AND they are still your lashes, not fake! This treatment can take up to 12 weeks to take full effect with maximum benefit reached at 16 weeks – real benefits by Spring if you start in the New Year!

Halting the ageing process!

…By reducing static lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are used for this Filler injectionsand the results are instant! One of the common side-effects of Dermal Fillers are redness and swelling, though this will usually settle after 1-2 days. Our recommendation is not to have this procedure just before a big event and be prepared for a little bruising if you are susceptible to this. The great thing about this is that the effects of this treatment can last up to 12 months.

Rejuvenate your skin!

…Since PROFHILO has hit the market, this new style of treatment has Profhiloreally taken off. PROFHILO, stimulates natural tissue and encourages collagen regrowth and the effects last long after the original product has been degraded by the body. You begin to see the benefits after 4 weeks. You then have a second treatment and is fully effective by week 8. The results appear to be longer lasting than many other treatments and address a wider area, including the hard to treat areas of the neck and hands.

Luscious Lips for Christmas!

…Once again we use dermal fillers for this treatment. It’s also effective if Chrismas-lipsyou have begun to develop vertical lines above your lips. Same proviso as with the static line removal, you may have some swelling or bruising for a few days depending on how sensitive your skin is, but book soon and you will have your kissable Christmas lips!

Get a glow back on your skin

…A healthy glow takes years off a face and Volite can help bring backVolite picture luminosity to your skin. Volite is not a traditional dermal filler but a skin conditioning Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel with a difference. It doesn’t just volumise in the area injected, it addresses skin quality. This treatment lasts for up to 9 months, increasing elasticity and hydration. The treatment is very light touch and there is very little bruising as a consequence and what there is will usually go overnight. This treatment can be used on the neck, back of the hands, décolletage as well as the face. It can also help combat acne pitting. Improvements are instantaneous.

Turn that frown upside down!

…As you get older, your top lip continues to grow and gradually, Facial contouringno matter how smiley you are, in repose it can look like you’re unhappy as your mouth appears to turn down. We are now able to recontour the face using a non-surgical method of lifting using dermal fillers. This method of the combined approach of increasing volume in 8 points of the face can give the face a more youthful, refreshed appearance. We would recommend that you book this treatment at least 2 weeks before a big day to allow you to get used to the subtle adjustments you have had.

Whatever your Christmas Countdown wish is this year, be sure to book in early as we can make sure your ‘rejuvenate you’ goals are achieved in time.

We are closing for Christmas on 21st December, and re-open on 3rd January.

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