Did you know that more and more men are opting for cosmetic treatments nowadays? So much so that Botox now has a new nickname: BROTOX!

As men have become more comfortable with the thought of taking care of their skin and their looks they are unashamedly making the treatment theirs! You only have to look at the growth in male products in the supermarket shelves to see how attitudes have changed, alongside the availability of the products that will help maintain a more youthful look.

In the last 8 years 30% more men are stepping through the door requesting Botox or dermal fillers and a massive 56% are turning to Botox to help them control their excessive sweating. We even have 28% more men coming to us for lip-fillers – and why not? Men care as much about their appearance as women with 19% of men admitting that they use their partner’s face creams and we would like to take a bet that it is quite a bit higher than that!

Another treatment that is obviously growing in popularity is the use of Propecia to combat male pattern baldness. With over 40% of men having visible hair loss by the age of 35 you can understand why this is so popular. At our clinic in Taunton, we offer this treatment for those wishing to halt the loss and indeed, in some cases to encourage re-growth.

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