Back to School – Yippee!


It’s not that we don’t love our children – of course we do, but with the long glorious (at times) summer, it may be time for a bit of ‘me time’?

Back to School – Yippee! At Somerset Cosmetic Clinic mums and dads are already hot on the case camouflaging the ravages of their holidays, the squinting in the sun, the late nights and early mornings, the outdoor activities that have damaged the skin, pursed lips that have formed lines that simply weren’t there before and the general wear and tear the great British school holiday has on adults!

It is never a surprise when parents all over the country are to be heard sighing and getting their diaries out to do something that doesn’t involve sentences like “are we nearly there yet?” and “I’m hungry..” Can I…?”

It’s your time now… where shall we start?

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