At what age do you change your treatment plan?


As we age, certain parts of our body give us away and without radical surgery, there is not much we can do.

So, when do you modify the rest of your treatment so the difference doesn’t look too obvious – some might call it growing old gracefully, but with some help!

There are treatments that can help with the neck and the hands, the most obvious areas of ageing that we can help with. These treatments can help balance you up a little but, in all cases, we have to be realistic. We don’t offer plastic surgery at Somerset Cosmetic Clinic, but we can refer you on if we think that is the only option.

At what age do you change your treatment plan?

The most obvious issue with necks is sagging chins and jowls, as skin loses its tone. The Nefertiti Lift, named after a woman, well known to have a most beautiful chin and neck, is another clever way of utilising Botox in your battle.

Over the years the muscles in your jawline can become very strong and pull your jowls down, creating sagging skin. Botox relaxes those muscles and allows your skin to return to its natural position.

It is a simple procedure which can make an incredible difference to the contour of your face.

The second area that gives age away are the hands. As you age you lose all the natural collagen in these hardworking limbs and the skin can become very wrinkled. Profhilo, a treatment many of my clients use to hold age at bay, can also be used on the hands to great effect. It is longer lasting than ordinary filler and results evolve over time as your own natural collagen is regenerated. Profhilo flows and distributes itself to the areas that need most help.

Many of my patients realise it’s about being the best you can be at the age you are; it’s not about being young forever. At Somerset Cosmetic Clinic we always try to advise on a natural approach and the treatment we offer allows you to gently age with grace (but more slowly!), and if you think it is time to review your treatments or consider others that may be more appropriate going forward, please don’t hesitate to request a consultation. New treatments become available all the time and we can offer advice on alternatives that may be more age appropriate for you today.

Dr Ed

Hand before Profhilo injections

Before Profhilo

1 month after Profhilo second treatment

One month after Profhilo

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