The New 7 Point Face Lift

You may have heard of the 8 point face lift? It has been hugely popular ever since we introduced it in June 2015.

The process was invented by one of the greats in cosmetic aesthetics, Dr Mauricio De Maio. He had been using the technique for some time when we introduced it. He was convinced that it was the loss of volume, more than movement which ages a face – and he has been proven correct on many occasions!

Now Dr De Maio has come up with a new innovation: the 7 point face lift.

There are 7 points on your face that are the key areas to address the signs of ageing. These areas specifically concentrate on the cheek and jowl areas, preventing sagging skin by countering the effects of loss of volume. Each of the key areas tackle specific problems.

As you age, you not only lose cheek and jaw definition, you lose bone as it naturally recesses. This is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be the final word – we can compensate for the bone loss that causes sagging jowls and receding chins with a new product introduced by Allergen called Volux. This slightly thicker filler is ideal for this type of application, bringing back better definition to the cheek, chin and jawline areas.

7 Point lift corrections

Although presented as a 7-point treatment, we will be adapting the treatment for our individual patients using the appropriate areas for each one. And, of course, our ladies and gentlemen won’t want the same look!

Looking at the neck and jawline also reminds me that we should mention that we can use Botox alongside fillers to create another of our sought-after treatments – the Nefertiti lift, named after the beautiful Egyptian queen. The combination of relaxing the muscles that are pulling your skin down and fillers to replace volume can work amazingly well.

If you would like a consultation to discuss solutions to the ageing process you may be facing please do get in touch. We work with a light touch approach at Somerset Cosmetic Clinic and are medically led with 16 year’s experience in this field of medicine.


Dr Ed

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