Frequently Asked Questions

We have identified an number of frequently asked questions that many of our patients pose when they first phone us up for an initial consultation.

We hope they will help you when making your decision to phone. If we haven’t answered your question here we would love to hear from you.

Before we offer treatments to new patients, we undertake a thorough consultation to fully understand your wishes, assess your medical history and work out with you, which treatments will best help us achieve those wishes. It is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. We are very honest and will tell you if we do not think certain treatments are right for you and we may suggest alternatives, such as surgery, which will achieve a better result.

The consultation costs £50. If you choose to go ahead with treatments, £50 will be deducted from the cost of your first treatment.

For consultations regarding lip fillers – there is now a £25 deposit required to secure your appointment. We have bought this in due to a high number of prospective patients not attending their appointments without cancelling them.

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No. The consultation appointment is a chance for you to talk to Dr Ed about any treatments you are considering and for him to advise you of what he feels would be most beneficial. There is no obligation to book following your consultation.

The consultation process is a time where you are able to explain to Dr Ed what it is you are hoping for and for him to advise you how he feels is the best way to achieve it.

If you are able to do that in your consultation and you are happy to go ahead, then treatment can be given at that time.

Occasionally some patients experience a little bruising. This is usually gone within a few days and it is fine to use cover-up make-up to conceal any bruising. Arnica cream is great to use on any bruising to speed up healing.

No, there are no age limits on our treatments, however Dr Ed will not treat those under the age of 18.

We recommend that you avoid exercise on the day you have treatment.

No. It essentially delays the aging process for the duration of treatment.