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Ageing necklines

Many of us use face creams and lotions, it is the first port of call when we start to notice those little lines creeping across our faces, or that our skin isn’t looking as refreshed as it once did. But what do we do when they stop having the desired affect?

There are many available treatments for anti-ageing these days, the choice can be baffling. For many Botox and Fillers are too invasive and they are looking for a treatment with a more subtle effect….and we have just the one!

PROFHILO has been being used by aesthetic medicine professionals for some time, and in the last couple of years its popularity has grown..  PROFHILO treatments consisting of a series of small injections to the face, re-hydrate and re-texture skin in a way that no topical lotion can. In the industry it is referred to as a ‘bio-remodeller’ because it creates neocollagenesis, a process that stimulates the collagen receptors in the skin. PROFHILO also enhances elastin production, which gives skin back its spring and helps it to stay hydrated. It uses a synthetic Hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule that naturally occurs in the human body; babies are born with an abundance of it, but after the age of 30 we produce less and less.

Having PROFHILO treatment:

PROFHILO is delivered over two treatment sessions, the initial treatment and then a second top up 4 to 6 weeks later. Unlike fillers, PROFHILO flows and distributes itself, integrating with the tissue, rather than being placed by an injection. This means that there is also no need for local anaesthetics as the recipient feels no pain. PROFHILO naturally finds its way into areas that it needs to work on.

The results will last for around 6 to 9 months. PROFHILO can be used for the face, décolletage, backs of hands and now the neck.. The results are not instantaneous and the changes appear gradually so a more youthful refreshed skin emerges subtly which suits many that prefer less ‘obvious’ interventions.

How can PROFHILO help with ageing necks?

In youth, the neck is clearly defined with smooth non-creased skin, during the process of ageing there are visible changes in the skin texture, moisture and volume. Using a combination of PROFHILO and Botox, we can rejuvenate the appearance of the neck, seemingly slowing the ageing process. This combination is often referred to as a multi-modal approach and can be extremely effective in combatting the appearance of age.

Various studies have been carried out with combining the PROFHILO and Botox and the results have been able to demonstrate significant improvement in the look and feel of the neck as it progresses through the ageing process.

The neck shows age in three specific ways:

  1. The neck begins to show signs of ‘banding’ around the neck area and elasticity begins to decrease.
  2. As these lines deepen they become more prominent and obvious and are often referred to as ‘necklace’ lines
  3. As time moves on the sharpness of the jawline decreases and jowls can appear, this is eventually accompanied by vertical bands.

Many of our patients tell us they are unhappy with their ageing necks, seeing this area as one that is always the big ‘giveaway’ and that typically doesn’t respond well to topically applied creams and lotions.

The neck has traditionally been difficult to treat and whilst we have been using PROFHILO for the face, hands and neck, this new combination for second and third tier ageing is making a significant difference.

Nefertiti neck - botox injections

As the ageing process involves loss of volume, increased skin laxity, worsening texture, and wrinkling a multi-modal approach to improve the aged skin of the neck, reducing skin laxity and increase elasticity and consistency of seeks to address this. Botox has been well documented to help areas of the neck with procedures such as the Nefertiti Facelift with the addition of PROFHILO we are now able to add extra and natural volume and elasticity as the skin begins to once again produce its own collagen.

If you are thinking about various options for your neck and would like to discuss how any one of these treatments may help, please do get in touch for a free, no obligations consultation.

Dr Ed

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