Retinoids can help when injectables are not available!

I hope you’re all well.

At this time it’s not easy to maintain and indeed improve your skin’s appearance without injectable treatments. This unfortunately is not possible at this time.

There are however topical treatments that can go a long way to help.

One group that’s particularly effective is the Retinoids. These are creams that have been used since the 1960’s for acne treatments. In the 1980’s it became apparent that they were very effective at improving the overall skin tone and texture.

They are beneficial to photo damage, fine lines and wrinkles, laxity and uneven skin tone.

They vary in strength depending on the results and tolerance levels. At the lower strength there’s the retinols and at the higher end are the tretinoin creams. There’s a retinoid out there for every individual.

The application is at night and one tube lasts 6-8 weeks.

Side effects include redness, dryness and peeling but these are seen at the start of treatment and then settle.

The results are seen from 3 weeks ( 90 % agreement) and studies have shown a continued improvement at 10 months.

The prices are on the Obagi page and with pharmacy direct they can be delivered directly to you at home.

Please drop me an email if you’d like any further information.

Stay safe

 Dr Ed

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