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Hottest summer in 42 years!Hyperhidrosis

Many of you won’t remember the summer of ’76 which led to drought, water only available from stand-pipes in the street AND massive overheating in offices that were rarely air-conditioned. Many people suffered awful sunburn, the protection in those days pitifully weak compared to today’s creams.

For those suffering from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) the condition was doubly embarrassing as deodorants were equally pitiful. Little was understood about controlling this condition 42 years ago – luckily that is not so today.

Hyperhidrosis can now be treated simply and effectively with Botox injections which prevent the sweat glands from over reacting, allowing the person with this condition to lead a normal life.

If you are suffering from this condition, we can help – call us now for your complimentary consultation and let us help you. Excessive sweating can be a thing of the past just like the summer of 1976!

Dr Ed

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