Enjoying the summer sunshine?

Enjoying the summer sunshine? It feels like it has been a long time coming this year!

The sunshine feel-good factor really lifts our hearts, makes us smile, enjoy the outdoors more and somehow makes us feel more energised.

So, not wishing to be the portent of doom in predicting the effects of the sun on our skin in future years, we have chosen to keep the feel-good factor alive and kicking and focus on what we can do to combat the effects on your skin.

Everyone knows what too much sun does to your skin now and you know that protecting it is the best way to prevent any of the problems caused. I am sure you are already slathering on the suntan lotion and aftersun when needed. Many face creams nowadays already come loaded with SPF25 but do make sure that if yours doesn’t or they have changed their formula you are aware of this. It’s an easy one to miss. And for our male readers there is a special warning as we know that you are the worse culprits for over exposure!

Last month we wrote a blog about the benefits of using Retinoid creams and we flagged up the downside in that it makes your skin more sensitive to the effects of the sun, so if you are using one – don’t forget the extra protection you are going to need and up that protection; it takes very little sun exposure to make a difference.

Sunglasses are a MUST! We all know that squinting all day is about the worse thing for the sensitive skin around our eyes. Those little lines get deeper over time and can significantly age your face. We spend a lot of time at the clinic combating those lines. When the first line of defence is breached we call in the big guns in the form of Botox. Botox can prevent those lines in coming if you use it soon enough AND it can minimise them if they have already paid you a visit. Regular treatment will keep them at bay for future years.

Of course your facial skin can lose its elasticity as you age and the drying effect of the sun can exacerbate this. We have two super treatments to combat the ravages of time and sun for the face: Volite and Profhilo.

Volite is not traditional dermal filler, but a skin conditioning Hyaluronic Acid (HA), so it doesn’t just volumise the areas injected, it addresses skin quality. For those of you thinking about using dermal fillers for the first time this is a great introduction. The changes are subtle and the look Healthy and natural.


Profhilo is a bio-rejuvenator!

Profhilo slowly evolves the patient’s own tissue, without creating immediate volumisation or augmentation, and because of this action, the result is a better quality and more elastic dermis, which fills and volumises naturally. PROFHILO literally engages with the body’s receptors and causes collagen stimulation; a much more natural reaction.

So you can see, we have a few tools up our sleeves at the clinic to help you enjoy the sun and combat the aging effects it can have.

Let it shine!

Dr Ed

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